Lululemon did it…they made me feel like a ROCKSTAR!!

After CIM, I was connected with this awesome guy, Peter, who works out in LA and is heavily involved in the running world…long story short, Peter connected me with Colleen who works for Lululemon.  After spending over an hour on the phone with Peter and Colleen, my excitement and love of running and sharing my passion with others went up about 10 notches.  I wasn’t sure exactly where the phone conversation would take me but a little over a month later I found myself driving to Ann Arbor for a “fitting” at Lulu
Lululemon.  I honestly had no idea what to expect once I got to Lululemon but the team in Ann Arbor made for an unforgettable evening.  Working with the team there, I was able to connect with individuals who love running, love their community and love the company they work for.  Nicole was my personal shopper (and photographer) for the evening and she helped me pick out the perfect race day outfit and many other training necessities to help me through the next few weeks and hopefully years to come!  Nicole and I were able to share our marathon stories, horrible chaffing stories and our goals for the upcoming year…running helped make a woman I had only met 20 minutes earlier feel like a lifelong friend.

I’m not a sponsored athlete at the Trials, I don’t have the A-standard and I’m not a favorite by any means to make the Olympic Team but Lululemon made me feel extra special and excited for an already dream come true…I stood in the fitting room asking God how the heck this was happening to ME!??  Here are some of my favorites from the visit and the new pieces that I will be incorporating into my daily training (and work life). lulu group

  1. Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra-

        I’m a girly girl at heart and if I am running 100+ miles a week, I want to look and feel good doing it.  When you are dressing up for a date, women will put on their favorite underwear to make them feel confident and strong…when I want that same feeling while working out, I have to have the perfect sports bra.  As crucial sports bras are in my every day life, they can be a pain in the butt to find the perfect one.  I’ve had sports bras that chaff my chest or armpit, have too thin of fabric, suffocate me around the ribcage…you name it, every runner has dealt with it.  I told Nicole right away that I would be picky while trying on sports bras and it didn’t take me long to find a keeper.  The Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra had everything I needed…the bra was tight and slightly higher neckline held everything in tight (you need that while running 26.2 miles) but I didn’t feel suffocated.  The straps in the back gave extra support are SUPER cute (which is very important) but they also helped with support as well.  The bra was designed to provide medium support for a C/D cup but as a barely A, this bra is now a training essential. 

2. Tight Stuff Tight-

So if you are going to splurge on a pair of 7/8 tights…these are the ones.  The detailing and reflective pattern around the ankles had me hooked before I even tried them on.  As the name entails, these tights are meant to fit tight but I still went with my normal size.  These tights are the perfect recovery tights…the worst part about traveling for a race is the drive or flight home.  Normal compression tights can make you feel like a sausage while you fly or sit for a long period of time post-workout or race. I’ve also noticed with some compression tights (or even normal tights) that the waist band sits too low so when the tights are very tight (the point of compression tights), I constantly feel like I’m pulling them up because they are falling down on my waist.   The Tight Stuff Tight have the perfect amount of compression while still feeling comfortable and they are great to run in as well.  The waist band is slightly higher (go up to my belly button) but I LOVE that because I don’t feel uncomfortable or feel like I’m showing the world things they don’t need to be seeing 😉 

3. Pace Queen Tight

Tights are important when you are training in the Midwest winters and the Pace Queen Tight will be my new go to training tight.  I originally ran in the Speed Tight (the pockets are AMAZINlulu 2G) but did have some minor issues with the way they fit but I think the Pace Queen fixed all of my issues.  Once again, the waist band was slightly higher on the PQ tights in comparison to my Speed Tights so I don’t feel like I’m ever needing to pull them up mid-run.  The length on the PQ is PERFECT…I’m only 5’3” so the 7/8 length fits perfect for a full tight (Lululemon does do free alterations if anything is too long).  They have a great back pocket so I can store my apartment or car key while I am running and they are the perfect tightness (the Speed Tights are a tad too tight on my quads but if I go up a size, they are too big in the waist). 

4. What The Sport Short & The Boogie Short

So I am combining this into one even though the shorts are very different.  The amount of shorts I have ran in throughout my 11+ years is crazy and honestly I really only wear spandex shorts…I sweat a bit too much and don’t feel comfortable in normal loose running shorts.  My boyfriend actually got me a pair of What the Sport Shorts for my birthday back in June and I fell in love.  They were the first pair of spandex that didn’t ride up my stomach, I didn’t get a wedgie and I didn’t chafe.  They have two great side pockets so I could comfortably put my gels in them while I was doing my long runs and I never felt self-conscience about my butt falling out.  I had one minor problem with them and it was that they fit a bit too tight around the thigh…for me, I got over that because I would rather benefit from all of the other features they had so I just deal with it.  I tried

Lulu race day
Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra and Boogie Short

on the Boogie Shorts for the first time in the store and really really liked them (I actually didn’t know that they weren’t technically running shorts when I picked them out).  They do have a higher waist but I really liked that and it didn’t bother me because there wasn’t an elastic waistband.  They do fit shorter like a booty short but for racing, I think that I will really like that (in college I raced in briefs so I am used to that).  I ran 10 miles in the shorts this am and really loved them!  I was initially worried that my butt would fall out or that I would be focusing on that while running but I didn’t have an issue!  They didn’t ride up and I never had to readjust them at any point during the run!  They are short so I probably won’t wear them while running at work but I will for sure be wearing them on my alone runs!!

5. Swiftly Tech Longsleeve and Razorback

Dri-fit shirts tend to hold in odor as soon as you are done working out—for a girl that sweats a lot, this is no fun and honestly sort of embarrassing at times.  Lululemon uses a Silverscent fabric that is anti-stink because it inhibits the growth of bacteria on the clothing!! As soon as Nicole told me that you can typically wear the tank or long sleeve two or more runs in a row with worrying about them smelling, I was sold!  With a hectic lifestyle between graduate school, a full-time job and running, the last thing I want to worry about is doing laundry every other day!  I really like that the tank wasn’t super tight-I like running in a looser tank in the summers or if I’m stuck inside on the treadmill so that I don’t feel like I’m suffocating.  Even though the LS was tight, I like that for cooler temps and I will be able to layer it well on really cold days!

“Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness”-Lululemon’s original intent

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