#runCIM Buildup

With less than 48 hours to go before I tackle the streets of Sacramento again, I thought that it was appropriate to share my buildup over the past few months.  Originally it was 2 pages typed out but then I realized it was a bit lengthy and boring so I’m letting New Girl share my journey.

The emotional roller coaster following the Olympic Trials…



The idea of tackling another marathon in 2016…



Reaction on 25th birthday after seeing Grandma’s Marathon results… 


…which led me to signing up for CIM.


4 weeks of 112-125 miles/week which was my highest month of mileage…ever



A long run when I realized that CIM was still 9 weeks away…



A hamstring issue forced me to take a week without workouts and only 65 miles in Mid-October…


Re-evaluating goal for CIM and back down to 100 miles/week…


Nailing 4 weeks of workouts and an important progression run on the Tow Path in Mid-November…


Running 50 seconds faster than last year in the 5 mile Turkey Trot at home 10 days out from CIM…


The scary thing about the marathon is that you can be in the absolute best shape of your life and if you feel slightly off on race day, the distance has no mercy on you.   What I do know is that if I stick to my race plan, I can leave Sunday with no regrets.  All I can do is control the controllable and run my race. 

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