Training During The Holidays


The holidays can be stressful—I don’t have kids but in the month of December, I am actually at home (Toledo) for a total of 5 days.  I visited 7 states and 6 airports in 30 days and had to pack for a 3 week trip with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees in Florida and -20 degrees in Wisconsin.  You’re running doesn’t have to suffer during these crazy times.  Plan ahead and follow these few tips to stay on track during the holiday season!

1. Beat the sun.

The holidays are hectic and trying to squeeze a run in mid-day can be rough.  Beat the sun and get your miles in before everyone else is awake.  Starting my day off with a run makes me less stress and anxious throughout the day incase I get stuck doing some last minute shopping or want to indulge in some afternoon Christmas cookies. 

2. Be flexible.

Even if you had 5 miles on your training schedule for the day but there’s a blizzard outside, be okay with only running 3 miles.  Traveling can put extra stress on your body and since your body can’t decipher between different types of stress, err on the side of caution and take a down day if needed. 

3.  Try new routes.

If you know that time is valuable, plan ahead and map out new routes.  If you are traveling, plan to see new sights during your run and the time will fly by or ask friends and family for some running route considerations.  


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