Lone Wolf to rabbitPRO

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on my journey as a Lone Wolf and how  marathon training can be lonely at times.  Marathon training is heartbreaking, humbling and not the most flattering lifestyle but the joy and beauty it brings is unbelievable.  Despite a little hiccup in training this past month (stress reaction in my fibula), training had been going great but something was missing in my running life.


Running can be isolating and I was yearning for a sense of community.  I was introduced to Jill Deering by a good friend of mine from college; he was convinced that Jill and I would get along great.  Jill is a young, accomplished, driven and overall badass woman who co-founded a running apparel company called rabbit.  I clicked with Jill instantly even though she lived 3 time zones away.  I was pretty sold on rabbit and their vision but she really had me hooked after a quick interview I did with her for SaltyRunning.  Running is part of who she is and through rabbit she is able to change the lives of runners.  Jill and rabbit had exactly what I was missing; community and relationships.  She said it best:

Runners are pretty special people. They support each other, they cheer for each other, they love each other. Running is something that can bring people together, despite geographical boundaries, social or political differences, language barriers, or any other plethora of differences we all have. Running is something that connects us, and that is powerful.

I could not be more thrilled to be joining the rabbit family as a rabbitPRO and to be honest, I feel a lot like a RADrabbit which stands for Runners and Dreamers.  I’ve always wanted to be more than just a img_4063“runner” and by partnering with rabbit, I can continue to pursue my career as a collegiate coach and still continue to train at a high level.  The running industry can be very harsh but I LOVE that rabbit is a newer, smaller company who is truly invested in their athletes at a personal level; yes, they want me to kick ass running (and they believe in me and my big crazy dreams) but they truly care about me as a person.

By joining rabbit, I feel that the love and support they show me will automatically make me a better runner–I no longer represent just myself; I represent Jill, Monica and rabbit.

As my thank you to all of your support, go over to www.runinrabbit.com and use the code “SAMRABBIT20” to get 20% off your order (excludes sale apparel).  I’ve already got my favorite training essentials (the freedom tank and the catch me if you can shorts)!!


One thought on “Lone Wolf to rabbitPRO

  1. Congratulations! I was just notified I’d made the team too. I’m so excited to be included in such a great group of athletes such as yourself. I hope I can learn from you all!


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