Thank You, NYC

They say crossing the finish line of a marathon will change your life.  I’ve crossed a few in the past 4 years and to be honest, I never felt “different” until November 4th.  Each marathon I have run has taught me something about myself but nothing has ever compared to the TCS NYC Marathon.

I didn’t run a PR.
I didn’t reach my “A” goal.
I made some mistakes.
So what made it so special?

It was not just one element; it was a lot of small things that made big impacts.

The crowds.

The competitors.

The surreal feeling of running over the Verrazano Bridge.

The energy on First Avenue.

Photo Credit: Foon Fu (@ufnoof)

The smile I couldn’t wipe off my face despite some fatigue.

The pain on Fifth Avenue.

The joy of running the final 200m of the race.

The hugs from volunteers after crossing the finish line.

This was supposed to be a race recap but to be honest, it was a blur of excitement and emotions. I actually shed a tear or two when Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” started playing as we ran over the Verrazano Bridge and remembered thinking “Do NOT trip Shalane” as we were running in a tight pack through 10 miles.


Other than that, I just soaked in the 2 hours and 32 minutes of pure joy running through the 5 boroughs of New York City just like the other 52,811 runners did that day.  This marathon showed me how amazing the running community is and how finishing a marathon brings people together whether you are the first finisher or the last finisher.

Thank you, NYC. I hope to be back one day (and hopefully I’ll reach my “A” goal next time!).


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