COROS Apex Review

It has been just about 2 months since I first received the COROS Apex GPS watch and despite learning something new about it every week, so far I am really liking it.  The first thing that drew me to the new company was that they designed a GPS watch that wasn’t big and bulky…they offer two different sizes and the smaller (42mm) version is PERFECT for women (just my opinion).  As every watch, there are pros and cons but at the moment, I will pick up my COROS over my Garmin a majority of days.


I’ll start with the cons and end on the positives because that’s what I always do when evaluating a race, workout and now gear haha.  

1.There are only two buttons on the watch which could also be counted as a pro but I find myself accidentally pausing or ending a run because the button also turns to access other features so my brain gets confused mid-run sometimes.  

2.I’ve noticed when I am running in town a lot, there seem to be gaps when I start and stop the watch at stoplights, etc.  

3.I haven’t figured out how to discard a run — I like being able to do that if I don’t want it saved…when you complete a run the only options are to “Resume” or “Save”.

4.Not sure how accurate the heart rate monitor is — I have never obsessed over this in the past in training so now isn’t the time to for me but if you use heart rate to dictate training, I would recommend using a HRM strap.


1.The battery life is unbelievable. I honestly charge it every 10-14 days which is great because the worst feeling is wanting to start a run to only realize that your GPS watch is dead.

2.The GPS seems very accurate on trails and random country dirt roads (I train in Alabama so I run on a lot of country roads).

3.Fit — I love that they have a smaller version.  I hated how bulky my old watches were and the COROS Apex is light and sleek. I also love that you can buy different color bands (I’m a big pink fan and I think there are two shades of pink!). I wear my watch 24/7 and love that it never gets in the way!

4.Data transfers to my phone so fast! I also love that when I’m traveling, I can easily connect the watch to my phone and automatically changes the time without needing to connect to satellites.

You can find your new watch here:

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