Coaching Services

Every athlete can benefit from a coach no matter what your level or abilities may be!  There has only been a 9 month stretch of time since I started running in 7th grade when I haven’t had a coach–even coaches need a coach!

Mid-American Conference Women's Track and Field Championships
Mid-American Conference Women’s Track and Field Championships Photography By: © Scott W. Grau

My online coaching services provide individualized training programs for people of all levels and abilities.  Whether you are a beginner or already tackling road races every weekend, I can help you improve your fitness and reach your running goals!

1-on-1 Coaching
This is ideal if you want personalized training given in weekly blocks (sent every two weeks).  You will have unlimited access to me via email (I will reply within 24 hours) and we can talk once a month on the phone/Skype for 30 minutes.  I will help with race strategies (race schedule will be your choice but I can offer feedback), goal setting, post-race analysis and help with the daily motivation since training can become a grind at times!  — $100/month

For more information please fill out the questionnaire and I will respond via email within 48 hours!